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February 2010

New survey of Specialised Commissioning Groups

This report summarises replies received from regional Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs) and Specialised Commissioning Groups (SCGs) in response to a short questionnaire distributed in August 2009 with a view to informing the Health Select Committee’s inquiry into commissioning. A further question on the way in which SCGs pool budgets was sent out at the end of November. Although the information contained in the report is interesting and serves to highlight various strengths and weaknesses, its value for comparative purposes is limited by the different nature of many of the replies.

February 2008

Survey of specialised commissioning groups

The Specialised Healthcare Alliance conducted a survey of Specialised Commissioning Groups in the autumn of 2007 to assess early progress in implementing certain aspects of the Carter recommendations, as adopted by Ministers in July 2006. The results show that a good start has been made but that much remains to be done in relation to the number of services collaboratively commissioned, the pooling of budgets and public and patient involvement.

The Alliance looks forward to maintaining and strengthening its links with Specialised Commissioning Groups and others as they seek to deliver on this key component of World Class Commissioning, which is vital to the quality of treatment for people with rare diseases and other complex conditions.

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